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Newsletter 573  |  December 7th, 2022

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Welcome to the 573rd Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, bringing you the best critical care research and open access articles from across the medical literature from the week of November 28th to December 4th.

The highlights of this week's edition are randomised controlled trials comparing rezafungin with caspofungin in candidaemia and invasive candidiasis & also direct laryngoscopy with video laryngoscopy with standard blades for neonatal and infant tracheal intubation; systematic reviews and meta analyses comparing continuous positive airways pressure with high flow oxygen cannula in acute bronchiolitis & impella with ECMO in cardiogenic shock; and observational studies on group A streptococcal disease in paediatric inpatients in Europe & ECMO following traumatic brain injury in the USA.

There are also narrative reviews on capillary refill time in sepsis & extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal; editorials on climate responsibilities in intensive care medicine & the global issue of Candida auris; and commentaries on environmental pediatric hypothermia & the organization of critical care in the future; as well as correspondence on liberal or restrictive transfusion for VV ECMO & whether balanced crystalloids really did decrease mortality in septic patients in the BaSICS trial

If you only have time to read one review article this week, try this one on platform trials for anaesthesia and perioperative medicine.

This week's visual abstract from Jakub Fronczek is on the PILOT trial. You can follow us on Instagram to stay current with these superb infographics.

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