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Elderly patient in the ICU

Paper of the Day

Guidet. The trajectory of very old critically ill patients. Intensive Care Med 2024;50:181–194

Monday, June 10th

Join us to read one paper per day and cover the spectrum of critical care across 2024. Previous papers of the day are available here.

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Newsletter 651

Critical Care Reviews Newsletter 651, bringing you the best critical care research and open access articles for the week May 27th to June 2nd, 2024

Subscriptions are available to individuals and departments

added June 3rd

Jessica Spence


Jessical Spence (Hamilton, Canada) talks about the B-FREE trial, investigating bendrodiazepine-free anaesthesia for the prevetion in delirium in cardiac surgical patients.

Added April 7th

Latest CCR Meeting Announcements

Melbourne skyline

CCR Down Under

General registration opens next week for our December meeting in Melbourne. Those who registered an expression of interest should have received their early registration link

Added May 21st

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CCR24 Announcement

There is just 1 weeks to CCR24!

Added June 6th

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CCR Down Under Preparatory Visit

Phil Gillen and Rob Mac Sweeney headed south to Melbourne last week to join the Alfred ICU Academic Centre team for 3 days of preparations for CCR Down Under in December.

Added May 21st