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Critical Care Reviews Newsletter

Newsletter 532  |  February 20th 2022

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Conservative vs Restrictive Fluid Therapy in Septic Shock

Welcome to the 532nd Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, bringing you the best critical care research and open access articles from across the medical literature over the past seven days.

The highlights of this week's edition are randomised controlled trials comparing supraglottic airway device and endotracheal intubation on return of spontaneous circulation in adults with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest & an evidence-based feeding guideline for critically ill patients; systematic reviews and meta analyses on the asssociation of PEEP and lung recruitment selection strategies with mortality in ARDS & retracted articles in critical care medicine; and observational studies on the association of COVID-19 ARDS with symptoms of posttraumatic stress disorder in family members after ICU discharge & whether unprecedented ICU capacity strain impacts patient outcome?.

There are also guidelines on thromboprophylaxis in patients with COVID-19 & acute oxygen use in adults; narrative reviews on EEG patterns in critical care & acute coronary syndromes; editorials on SGLT-2 inhibitors & dyspnea and mechanical ventilation; and commentaries on achieving diagnostic excellence for older patients & when physicians spread unscientific information about COVID-19; as well as correspondence on de-adoption of chlorhexidine oral care and ICU mortality & time to tailor the one-size-fits-all approach.

If you only have time to read one review article this week, try this one on whole blood resuscitation of the severely injured trauma patient.

Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2022

We're fortunate to host the results of several major randomised controlled trials at #CCR22, including the CLASSIC trial, comparing conservative with liberal fluid therapy in patients with septic shock. It's one of the most topical questions in critical care. Join us to hear the results, an independent editorial and a panel discussion to place this trial in context. Registration for the Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2022, on June 15th to 17th at Titanic Belfast, is open.

After 2 years away from Titanic Belfast, here is a reminder of our major trial results session format at the Critical Care Reviews Meeting. Sit back and enjoy Bala Venkatesh present the results of the landmark ADRENAL trial.

Next Critical Care Reviews Livestream

We're back in two weeks, on Monday March 7th, with the results of the randomised controlled RePHILL trial, investigating whether pre-hospital blood product resuscitation, with up to two units each of packed red blood cells and lyophilised plasma, will improve tissue perfusion (as measured by lactate clearance) and reduce mortality in trauma patients with haemorrhagic shock, compared to the current standard practice of crystalloid (normal saline) resuscitation.

You can watch the previous 10 major trial results livestreams we have broadcast over the past year on our livestream webpage.

Next Critical Care Reviews Podcast

We have three podcasts due for release over the next few weeks, including the follow-up podcasts to both the PLUS and RECOVERY-RS trial result livestreams. In addition, there is a fascinating discussion with Pär Johansson from Copenhagen on the COMBAT-COVID trial. You can check out all our podcasts from the last 12 months on our podcast page.

I hope you find this newsletter useful.

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