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Newsletter 524  |  December 27th 2021

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As this is the last newsletter of 2021, it's a timely opportunity to summarise our activity over the past year. The last 12 months have been our busiest yet. We have expanded to seven different resources in the Critical Care Reviews platform - the annual meeting, livestreams, podcast, blog, annual book, newsletter and website. In addition, we have partnered with My Intensive Care, a med tech company offering a digital management solution for your ICU.

Critical Care Reviews is not-for-profit and works to promote open access to scientific advancement for the benefit of all. Everything we produce is freely accessible to everyone, everywhere. No content is paywalled, ever. If you would like to support our endeavors in sharing the latest science in critical care, please consider supporting us.

If you've missed any of our content for the year, here's a summary:

PLUS Trial Results Livestream

We start 2022 in the same fashion as we finish 2021, with another major trial result livestream. On Tuesday January 18th (19th on the other side of the International Date Line), Simon Finfer will present the results of the PLUS trial, comparing 0.9% saline with plasma-lyte 148 in 5000 critically ill patients. In addition, Naomi Hammond will present a systematic review and meta analysis comparing 0.9% saline with balanced crystalloid solutions.

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