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Newsletter 476  |  February 1st 2021

Prof Bodil Steen Rasmussen presents the HOT-ICU trial results at eCCR21

Welcome to the 476th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, bringing you the best critical care research and open access articles from across the medical literature for the week of January 18th to 24th. This was the week of the Critical Care Reviews Meeting, which partly explains why I'm behind with this and why it's such a small issue. Last week's newsletter should be out tomorrow. Newsletter 475 wasn't emailed as I was having issues with the website, from where it's now available.

The highlight of this edition is the HOT-ICU randomised controlled trial, which was presented at eCCR21 and simultaneously published by the New England Journal of Medicine. The recording of the presentation is presently available in an unedited version on the meeting webpage - day 1 video, starting at 2 hours, 44 minutes, 20 seconds. I'll hopefully get the edited version up this week.

New Look Website

The CCR website has been updated, with a new look and more streamlined interface. The old site contained over 9000 webpages, diluting attention on the major evidence in our specialty. The new site refocuses on critical care trials, with the homepage highlighting the latest major trials, studies and guidelines. It will take a while to repopulate the site, but I'll hopefully have the importation complete by the end of February. The additional pages will be added daily as they are completed. There are sections on major trials, major guidelines and hot articles to add, as well as the archive of all 473 previous newsletters.

eCCR Attendance Certificate

If you watched eCCR21, or get the newsletter regularly, or use the CCR website, podcast or books, then please consider supporting the project. Over the past 11 years it has grown enormously, to the point where it far exceeds my ability to run it in my spare time. Everything within the CCR project is made freely available for the benefit of all. If you find the CCR project a valuable service, both personally and for the wider critical care community, and are in a position to be able to make a small contribution, then please consider supporting it.

Support CCR

For those of you who registered for eCCR21 and are having difficultly accessing the attendance certificate, please reply to this email. My apologies for the trouble, but, as mentioned, I've had issues with the website over the past few weeks, which I've now mostly resolved. The unedited recording of the entire 3 days of the meeting is available to watch on the meeting webpage. This includes 5 major trial results, 14 of the best trials of 2020 presented by their chief investigators and accompanied by independent editorials, plus talks on pandemic publishing, pilot trials and the John Hinds Lecture.



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