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Newsletter 475  |  January 18th 2021

Welcome to the 475th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter. It's a different look at present as I familiarise myself with a new website and emailing application. The big news this week is that it's finally time for eCCR21.

The meeting is being live streamed for free on Vimeo, as well as on Twitter, LinkedIn and on the Critical Care Reviews website. Registration is open and only necessary if you wish to claim the 18 CPD / CME points which the meeting has been approved for by the Royal College of Anaesthetists. If you don't need to register, just tune in whenever you can. I've updated the website significantly, which is part of a refocusing on critical care trials. The old site was over 10 years old and contained almost 9000 webpages. It will take a while to reimport the key pages, but much of the little used material has been removed. At present the site is functioning via a domain redirect (, due to my soon to be ex-host messing up spectacularly. I'll get it fixed after the meeting.

Please do let your colleagues know about the meeting. We are hosting 5 major trial results, 14 trial presentations, as well as talks on publishing, pilot trials and the honorary annual John Hinds Lecture. For those who can't make it, everything will be recorded and released as soon as possible.


Until next week


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