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Newsletter 518  |  November 15th 2021

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CCR22 Registration Opens Late November

Welcome to the 518th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, bringing you the best critical care research and open access articles from across the medical literature over the past seven days. The highlights of this week's edition are a Bayesian analysis of the COVID-STEROID-2 trial, comparing 12mg with 6mg of dexamethasone in severe COVID-19 (livestream presentation video); systematic reviews and meta analyses on steroids for ARDS & vitamin C, glucocorticoids, and vitamin B1 in sepsis & septic shock; and observational studies on the medium-term functional impact of COVID-19 critical illness & insights from patients screened but not randomised in the HYPERION trial.

There are also guidelines on the management of the difficult airway & non-invasive imaging in coronary syndromes; narrative reviews on ultrasound assessment in cardiogenic shock weaning & cardiac arrhythmias in COVID-19; editorials on VV ECMO in patients with COVID-19 respiratory failure & peri-induction hemodynamic management; and commentaries on non-invasive respiratory support in acute COVID-19 pneumonia & life lessons after a career in intensive care medicine; as well as correspondence on electrical impedance tomography to set PEEP during pediatric ECMO for respiratory failure & goal-directed therapy. If you only have time to read one review article this week, try this superb one on the immunology of sepsis.

COCA Livestream Trial Results Presentation

The results of the COCA trial, investigating calcium for out-of-hospital cardiac arrest, will be presented at a Critical Care Reviews Trial Results Livestream, on Tuesday November 30th at 19:30 UTC+0. Further details are available on the livestream webpage. As always, viewing is free; in addition, we have applied for CPD points for those wishing to claim them - these will be available shortly for a small charge.

Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2022

After the virtual eCCR21 meeting this year, in 2022 we return to the iconic Titanic Belfast for our 10th anniversary meeting next June, 15th to 17th, 2022. Including major trial results presentations, reviews of the best trials of the preceding year and talks on various aspects of trials, CCR22 has become the niche meeting for the latest in critical care trials. Registration will open shortly, initially for registered CCR subscribers, before opening to the wider critical care community. The meeting sells out every year, so don't wait and miss out.

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