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June 24th 2012





Welcome to the 29th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter. Every week over two hundred clinical and scientific journals are monitored and the most important and interesting research publications in critical care are highlighted. These studies are added to the Current Articles section of the website on a daily basis, as publication occurs. A link to either the full text or abstract, depending on the publishers degree of open access, is attached. Also, links to other important papers, such as guidelines or consensus statements are included. Free review articles from across the medical literature are also highlighted.

It's been a quiet week for research publications, with this newsletter mostly consisting of review articles.

The topic for This Week's Papers is acid-base disorders, starting with a review of acid-base physiology in tomorrow's Paper of the Day. It's a free and easy way to stay up-to-date with your reading.



British Journal of Anaesthesia:     Fluid Therapy

Brandstrup et al performed a multi-centre, double-blinded, randomized controlled trial in 150 patients undergoing elective colorectal surgery to determine whether fluid therapy with a goal of near-maximal stroke volume (SV) guided by oesophageal Doppler (ED) monitoring result in a better outcome than that with a goal of maintaining bodyweight (BW) and zero fluid balance.  There were no differences for any major endpoints, including  major, minor, cardiopulmonary, and tissue-healing complications (P-values: 0.79; 0.62; 0.97; 0.48; and 0.48, respectively), length of hospital stay [median (range): 5.00 (1–61) vs : 5.00 (2–41); P=0.206] and death. 

Abstract:  Brandstrup. Which goal for fluid therapy during colorectal surgery is followed by the best outcome: near-maximal stroke volume or zero fluid balance? Br J Anaesth 2012; epublished ahead of print



JAMA:     Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome

Full Text:  Angus. The Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome: What's in a Name? JAMA 2012;307(23):2542-2544


Review - Clinical

Critical Care:     Fever


Annals of Intensive Care


Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy:     Antibiotics


Clinical Cardiology:      Implanted Cardiac Devices


Clinical and Translational Medicine:     Haemophilus Influenzae


Review - Basic Science

 Journal of Vascular Research:     Cerebral Blood Flow


Review - Non-Clinical

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Canadian Medical Association Journal:     Professionalism



I hope you find these brief summaries useful.

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