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ADRENAL Trial Results Presentation WO

Prof Bala Venkatesh presents the ADRENAL Trial Results at #CCR18


Welcome to the 319th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, bringing you the best critical care research and open access articles from across the medical literature over the past seven days. My apologies this is a few days late, but it's been an exciting and busy last week.

The Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2018 was a huge success, headed by the fascinating presentation of the ADRENAL trial results by Prof Bala Venkatesh. Huge congratulations are due to Prof Venkatesh and his co-investigators for the successful completion of this landmark study. Due to the importance of this trial, we have put the results presentation, editorial by Prof Kathy Rowan, questions section, panel discussion, and talk on the issues faced by the ADRENAL investigators, immediately online in a partly edited format. These will be updated in due course. The other presentations were also excellent, culminating in an outstanding John Hinds Trauma Lecture by Dr Sophie Wallace. All talks will be sequentially made freely available on the website over the coming weeks. I'm also hugely grateful to the tireless work of my co-organisers Dr LJ Mottram, Dr Chris Nutt, Dr Catriona Kelly and Mr Chris Waring. Due to the success of the meeting, next year we move to a 2-day event, on Thursday & Friday, January 17th & 18th 2019, again at Titanic, Belfast. We already have several exceptional speakers and trials lined up!

Not only did we have the meeting, we also launched the Critical Care Reviews Book 2018, summarising, critiquing and putting in context the best critical care trials of 2017. Four colleagues (Dr Chris Gowers, Dr Dominic Trainor, Dr Peter McGuigan and Dr Chris Nutt) and I have spent the past year writing this and we are delighted to make it freely available as a pdf download. Print copies are also available at little over cost price.

There can only be one Topic of the Week - the ADRENAL trial. For a change, we turn to the reaction on social media and see what the online commentary on this trial has been. Normal service will resume this later this week.



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