Newsletter 132 / June 15th 2014



Welcome to the abbreviated 132nd Critical Care Reviews Newsletter. I'm presently travelling with limited internet access, so this is the smallest newsletter in a long time. Accordingly, there are no study summaries this week. I'm away next week also, so this limited service will persist for a little longer.

This week's research studies include a single randomized controlled trial on percutaneous tracheostomy airway management; meta analyses on aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage and noninvasive haemoglobin measurement; and observational studies  on vasopressors, a sepsis scoring system, acute kidney injury, out-of-hospital airway management, ventilator-associated pneumonia, anticoagulation following traumatic brain injury, and the rapid shallow breathing index.

One study critique looks at high frequency oscillation in early ARDS (OSCILLATE trial). Two editorials address penicillin-sensitive bacteria and ARDS; while there are  commentaries on ARDS and assessing value in biomedical research.  This week there is correspondence in the NEJM on the DESTINY II trial (hemicraniectomy in extensive middle-cerebral-artery stroke)

Amongst the clinical review articles are papers on ketamine, the endothelial glycocalyx, haemodynamic monitoring, heliox, thoracostomy tubes, hypomagnesaemia, hyperglycaemia, catheter-related bloodstream infections, necrotizing fasciitis, and paediatric neurotrauma.

The topic for This Week's Papers is the second in a two part series, on cardiac arrest, focusing on special situations, and starting with a paper on obstetric cardiac arrest in tomorrow's Paper of the Day.

Critical Care Horizons

A new open access critical care journal was launched this week, called Critical Care Horizons. This is a not-for-profit journal, aligned with the FOAMed ethos. It is free to publish with and free to read. It aims to publish cutting edge commentaries, perspectives, and opinion pieces, as well as state-of-art review articles. If you have something interesting to say, come and say it with us. COI - I am the editor-in-chief for the journal. All members of the editorial board work voluntarily and do not benefit financially from this journal.

EMCRIT Podcast

This week I was honoured to talk with Scott Weingart, on his incredibly popular EMCRIT podcast. We discussed some of the issues raised in his intra-cardiac arrest management talk at SMACCgold, plus in a second briefer talk, Critical Care Reviews and Critical Care Horizons.













I hope you find these links useful.

Until next week.