Newsletter 120 / March 22nd 2014



Hello Rob

Welcome to the 120th Critical Care Reviews Newsletter, bringing you the best critical care research published in the past week, plus a wide range of free full text review articles, guidelines, commentaries and editorials from hundreds of clinical and scientific journals. It's another abbreviated, and slightly early, newsletter, due to conference committments at SMACCgold and travel.

This week's research studies include randomized controlled trials on decompressive hemicraniectomy for stroke, APC for ARDS, sodium nitroprusside in acute myocardial infarction and a summary of results from the Heparin Citrate study. There are a multitude of observational studies which focus on delirium, NT-proBNP, venous thrombosis, healthcare-associated pneumonia and a nutritional substudy from the RENAL trial, while additional studies investigate echcinocandins, hepatorenal syndrome, parenteral nutrition, septic shock and post-stroke blood pressure.

There is one guideline this week, focusing on pelvic trauma, one editorial on medical training and autonomy, and one commentary on antimicrobial resistance. There are two case reports, including a potential game changer for communication with the intubated patient. Amongst the clinical review articles are papers on post-traumatic stress disorder, cardiac resuscitation and coagulation, tracheostomy progression, cirrhosis, critical illness anaemia, sepsis biomarkers, ultrasound and hypertensive disorders of pregnancy.

The topic for This Week's Papers is embolization for haemorrhage, starting with a paper on GI embolization in tomorrow's Paper of the Day.



The second Social Media and Critical Care conference took place this week on the Gold Coast in Australia. It was an eclectic mix of critical care clinicians and practioners from around the globe, with world class researchers, leading bloggers and high functioning medics all combining to produce a cutting edge conference of science, practicalities and fun. Lots of fun. It's a conference like no other, and next year will be in Chicago May 20 to 22nd. This is a not-for-profit endevour superbly organised by a group of enthusiasts committed to providing free open access medical education. All talks will be made freely available over the next few months on the affiliated websites. The twitter impression left by SMACCgold has already exceeded 25 million, completely dwarfing the traditional (and excellent) Brussels meeting, which, incidently, had as it's top tweeter, the SMACCteam! Social media is changing the landscape of medicine irrevocably and this meeting is going to grow and grow. Hopefully I'll see you next year in the USA. Congratulations to the SMACCgold organising committee for putting together an amazing event and many thanks for the opportunity to be involved.

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Randomized Controlled Trials

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Observational Studies

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Other Studies of Interest


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I hope you find these links useful. Normal service will resume next week.

Until then.