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CCR23     June 14th to 16th

CCR24     June 12th to 14th


How to Prepare Manuscripts for Influential Journals

The goal of this 3 hour seminar is to help young investigators prepare manuscripts for publication in influential peer-reviewed journals.  The seminar will cover issues including, but not limited to: how to select the correct journal, interacting with journal editors, preparing an initial draft including introduction, methods, results, and discussion and how to respond to a request for revision.  Other issues that will be discussed include conflict of interest, types of peer-review, open access, pre-prints, and data-sharing.


Prof Howard Bauchner (Editor-in-Chief, JAMA 2011-2021) & Prof Cecilia O'Kane (Joint Editor-in-Chief, Thorax)


Registration for the workshop is limited to delegates attending the Critical Care Reviews Meeting 2023 only.

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