CCR-Newsletter-BannerNewsletter 259  |  November 27th 2016

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SoMe Fellowship C


This week's big news is the announcement of a new Critical Care Social Media Fellowship, offering a unique opportunity to learn a comprehensive skill set in this rapidly growing and dynamic field. You will work directly with me, spending approximately 75% of your time learning and working on social media projects and the rest working clinically in the tertiary level Regional Intensive Care Unit at the Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. This is the largest Intensive Care Unit in Northern Ireland and will imminently move into a new multi-million pound facility.

A rolling timetable will ensure expertise is gained in:

 • Websites   Learn how to design, develop and maintain your own site
 • Podcasting   Gain knowledge about equipment, recording, editing audio & posting podcasts
 • Newsletters   See the inside track on one of the most popular critical care newsletters
 • Graphic Design   Design your own logos, posters and giffs
 • Videos   Shoot and edit your own medical education videos
 • Journals   Advance your knowledge of the publishing process, including the software behind an online journal
 • Meetings   Learn how to organise and run an annual international meeting and have a role on the organising committee for SMACC

At the end of the fellowship, it is intended the Fellow, in addition to acquiring the above skills, will have completed a social media project of their own and have helped develop a critical care social media course. 

This post is offered by the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust. Further details can be found here or contact me via email. There are also three other critical care fellowship available, in

The Regional Intensive Care Unit is a world class research hub and the home unit for the REST Trial, investigating extracorporeal CO2 removal in respiratory failure. All fellowships are available for a six month to one year duration, although it may be possible to facilitate longer periods.



Review Articles











CCR17 Poster

Once again the Critical Care Reviews Meeting will be discussing the biggest studies of the previous year with their chief investigators, asking the question "should we implement the results of this trial into our dialy practice?". We also have the John Hinds Trauma Lecture, delivered this year by Prof Donat Spahn (Zurich), lead for the new European Trauma Guideline, published a few months ago. Paul Marik thinks he has discovered "The Cure for Sepsis", while John Myburgh will explain the ins and outs of research methodology in the "Path to Truth". In addition, there is the very popular "How I Manage....." series of short talks from our speakers on conditions they are experts in, the "Year in Review" and the now famous "Informal Chat" in the bar after the main event.

Don't forget to register for dinner also, where the menu is based on an original menu from the only sailing the Titanic made. Registration for both the meeting and meal is available on the meeting webpage. The Critical Care Reviews Meeting is a not-for-profit event.

Kinsale Wikipedia CG

Image by Christopher Michel via Wikipedia

The 2016 Winter Meeting of the ICSI is on Saturday December 3rd at Acton's Hotel in Kinsale, Co Cork. Here are links to both the programme and registration form.


Following last year's massively successful event, the UK Intensive Care Society's State-of-the-Art Meeting is starting its build-up to 2016. The ICS completely changed its game in 2015, and relaunched SOA as a new beacon for forward-looking clinical content, open-access education, and medical social media. In keeping with the times, the podcasts and other materials from last year's meeting have been made open access.
This year the programme is looking even better, with topics ranging from the futuristic (space medicine, Formula 1 applied technology, Google Deepmind, and AI) through to the human, practical, and controversial (look out for the clinical scenarios, controversies, and the "From Ivory Tower to Desert Island" session).  Speakers include Peter Brindley, Kevin Fong, Jack Iwashyna, Kath Maitland, Louise Rose, Mervyn Singer, and Jean-Louis Vincent among many others.  It runs from Mon 5th - Wed 7th Dec, and I hope I'll see you there.  Keep an eye on for programme and registration, and meanwhile enjoy the comprehensive FOAM from last year.


The first release of tickets for Das SMACC sold out in just 2.5 hours this week. The next opportunity will be on Wednesday December 7th (depending on where you are in the world). If you haven't yet checked out the programme and workshops, then have a look on the SMACC website. The Hardcore Intensive Care workshop being organised by Steve Mathieu and Sarah Yong will cover all your critical care questions.


(Image from Chensiyuan via Wikipedia)

This adult and paediatric ICM meeting is jointly organized by the Society of Intensive Care Medicine (SICM), Singapore and the Australia-New Zealand Intensive Care Society (ANZICS) and is scheduled for 20-24 April 2017 in Suntec Convention Centre, Singapore. It has grown from its humble beginnings in a small hospital venue to become one of the best ICM conference in the Asia-Pacific region. Past editions featured prominent speakers such as Jean Louis Vincent, Daniel De Backer, John J Marini, Rinaldo Bellomo amongst many others, and in this edition the list of distinguished international panel of speakers, program schedule and planned workshops look more impressive than ever. Beside the obvious educational benefits, this conference is also a great opportunity to experience the unique Singaporean culture, enjoy its famed gastronomy and visit its attractions.

The call for abstracts have started and Education Grants are available for selected delegates. Registration for the conference and pre-conference workshops is now open and can be found here.

CCH Journal

Critical Care Horizons is a fresh new voice in the critical care literature, offering thought-provoking, cutting-edge commentary and opinion papers, plus state-of-the-art review articles. The journal is free to publish with and free to read, opening authorship opportunity to all. The energetic editorial board consists of a deliberate mix of clinicians active in social media and world renowned academics, all driven by a desire to improve the care we offer our patients, and operate without financial gain or incentive.  If you have an idea for a paper, and can say it in an engaging manner, please get in touch. We also need peer reviewers.

COI - I am the editor-in-chief of this new journal, but work in a voluntary capacity, as do all the editors.


I hope you find these links useful.

Until next week